FAQ + Product Care


Care instructions

These items are meant for special occasions and should be treated with great care. Store your flowers in a tin or cardboard box to prevent it from getting crushed over time. 

Gently spot clean with a lightly damp rag. Over time and with wear, edges of wool felt may fray slightly and can be "freshened up" with a quick trim. Additionally, with many items, if items lose a bit of shape, you may dampen your fingers and bend and shape the petals again. Let dry for 1-2 hours before placing back in storage box. 

Warning: Do NOT submerge items in water as it will lose shape and color may be altered. If item gets wet and loses shape, a bit of stiffening spray can help revive it. Please feel free to email info@rivington-rose.com with any care questions.

How do the flowers attach to a collar?

All pet accessories are attached using a custom designed clip which works a lot like a money clip. It will arrive partially opened (or loosened), so that you may squeeze it to adjust to your dogs collar. If you choose to switch it to another thicker collar, you can open it again and adjust accordingly.



How do I order a custom flower? 

I love creating a custom flower! Email me your request at info@rivington-rose.com.

Can you make any kind of flower? 

I can sure try! I have learned how to make over 30 flowers and I'm learning more each day. I am only limited by how intricate the flower is which may not work with the medium of wool blended felt. Email me and we can discuss what is possible. 



How do you determine the price of a custom item?

Prices are determined by considering the cost of supplies, materials, packaging, hardware, listing fees, and the amount of hours needed to create the piece. Depending on the details of a flower or the number of flowers needed for one piece, one accessory can take 2-6 hours to make. I have price points for various types of flowers and level of detailing. 



Sizing details

Items can be customized to for your dogs collar. The size of each flower is indicated on each listing. Flowers are often pre-made, with bases and attachment hardware being created and assembled after order is made.


Gift wrapping and packaging

Contact me and I'll see what I can do. :) Items are packaged with care and already perfect for gift giving but I can write a special note if you'd like.

Turnaround time

Unless otherwise stated, all items are made to order. Depending on the level of detail or number of flowers in the piece, an order may take 1-2 weeks to create. 


Wholesale availability

Items are not available for wholesale at this time. All pieces are hand made and made to order.