My name is Rebecca Ferreira and I'm the artist behind Rivington Rose.
I'm a native New Yorker, currently in Jersey City, NJ, with degrees in interior design and art history. For over seven years I was blessed to teach art for grades K-5. While teaching, I spent much of my creative energy on set pieces, props and costumes for my students theater productions. It was such a fun challenge professionally but left me with little creative energy to share personally.

In 2016 I began my search for a more personal way to creatively express myself. I combined my love for art, nature and dogs and began creating felt flowers for my rescue dog Charlotte. I loved the challenge of studying each flower and replicating them to my best ability. Also, who doesn't love a pup in flowers?! Soon, others in the dog community began requesting flowers and Rivington Rose was born. 

Rivington Rose gets its name from the street I grew up on in Manhattan for over 17 years. Rivington Street was an endless source of inspiration during my adolescence and was always filled with the most interesting shops, art and people. Since then, I've learned how to create dozens of flowers and shipped them to clients all over the world.

I aim for each flower to look as realistic as the medium will allow, as I hand cut and paint them. I love being able to custom create flowers to fulfill the visions of my clients for their special occasions. I hope I can help make your day extra special by creating one of a kind flowers that will last for years to come. Thank you for checking out my little corner of the internet. Please message me with any questions or just to say hi! 

With gratitude,