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I pride myself in making a life-like representation of your favorite flower to adorn your pet! Every flower is lovingly created using high quality wool blend felt.
Each flower is slightly unique as I do not use templates to create each petal, but believe in bringing the spontaneity and variety of nature into my designs.

Item will be attached to collar with a proprietary clip. Can attach to collars 5/8" or larger.

**Please contact me to discuss the flower request prior to purchase to confirm that desired flower meets the qualifications for this listing. Failure to contact before purchase may result in order being cancelled. **

Simple Flowers

  • Simple flowers are flowers which do not require extra detailing such as hand painting, excessive layers of felt, added mixed media elements, etc.
    Examples include: roses, daffodils, cherokee rose, poppy, daisies, etc.
    Flower may include 2-3 leaves if desired.
    Flower may be 3-4 inches in diameter on average but can be modified to meet buyers needs (and pet size).

Detailed Flowers

  • Detailed flowers require extra detailing such as hand painting, airbrushing, excessive layers of felt, ombre felt layering, added mixed media elements, etc. These flowers generally take over 2 hours to paint, sculpt and create.
    Examples include: dahlias, lotus blossoms, ranunculus, hibiscus, orchids.